Unjustified Justification Animal Husbandry

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‘Unjustified Justification Animal Husbandry’ focuses on answering the question of how producing and consuming sufficient organic food without animal and chemical inputs is possible and even preferable. Vegan-organic growers put into practice that it is possible to grow healthy crops without using intentionally bred animals and their products. Growing green biomass in a crop rotation plan and adding organic materials to the soil to support plant growth and biological activity can be as much a part of diversified land use as animal husbandry.

Since the nutritional value of animal products comes from the plants eaten by animals, we do not need animals to produce soil fertility. Organic matter is bound in above- and below-ground parts of plants, which are later returned to the soil, so the soil gets its ability to produce life from the plants, just as the plants get their ability to grow from the soil.

Most people are stuck in erroneous limiting concepts: they believe that meat, fish, dairy and eggs are necessary for health and cannot be produced without the ‘help’ of animal inputs. The opposite is true: scientific evidence has shown that animal foods are inherently bad for our health and that animals provide nothing that cannot be obtained more efficiently from plants, not even soil nutrients. On the contrary, farm animals compete with humans for plant food and essential dwindling resources, and their cruel exploitation defies any imagination.

Time will tell, but abolishing animal food production and consumption will benefit future generations. One day, ‘modern’ nightmarish industrialized animal husbandry will be a thing of the past and we will say, “what where we thinking?”.


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