Time and Cosmos

Nederlands | 31-01-2024 | 180 pagina's


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More than a century ago, Einstein made the theory of relativity workable by assuming the constant speed of light, he showed that time passes more slowly in a moving system. But another of his conclusions that a moving object must shrink in the direction of motion remained a matter of debate.
To examine the latter conclusion the author very precisely followed Einsteins line of thought and he found that this conclusion was the result of an incorrect physical insight. The inevitable outcome of this finding is that the Lorentz contraction does not exist. This finding is shocking because this erroneous insight also forms the basis of the notion of Curved Space-Time on which our cosmological worldview is based.

We will have to rethink our worldview. By placing greater emphasis on the symmetry properties of the cosmos, we can provide a new interpretation of gravity: gravity is not a property exerted by a mass, but is the most elementary property of an object, namely its “Being”: the existence, the presence.

The author uses this approach to formulate the ‘obstruction theory’ to explaine gravity. The theory expands the possibilities to understand hitherto inexplicable phenomena, such as the question of what Dark Matter is, but also the merging of black holes. The theory also shows why gravity does not fit into the standard model.

This important book, full new and surprising insights, offers an exciting, new cosmological perspective.

About the Author:
Henk Dorrestijn studied Astronomy at the University of Utrecht in the 1960s and was fascinated from the very beginning by the theory of relativity. As a professional, however, he was mainly concerned with teaching construction students about energy-efficient buildings.
After his retirement he picked up the thread again and delved into the significance of the theory of relativity on our cosmos.


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