Prince Bernhard of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Nederlands | 24-07-2023 | 135 pages


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Prince Bernhard of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a man who had relationships with almost all the famous people of the 20th century. 
A person who has made a great contribution to world politics, as well as to the development of the world economy, culture, science and nature conservation.

In this edition, the reader will get acquainted with the most interesting episodes in the life of Prince Bernhard, his close relationship with the cavalry colonel Alexis Panchoulidzew, who was his mentor, adviser and companion throughout his life. Interest is enhanced by the fact that the narrative is based on documentary materials. It tells an interesting story, hitherto unknown to the general public.

The author of the book, Artchil Djavakhadze, researches materials on the history of Georgia in the libraries and archives of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He translated and published the historical work of Nicolaes Witsen, which tells about the history and culture of Georgia, from ancient times to the 17th century.

Love for the Motherland allowed him to acquaint Dutch and Belgian readers with the history and literature of Georgia. He translated into Dutch several of the most significant Georgian literary works. He is the author of the first Dutch-Georgian and Georgian-Dutch dictionaries.


ISBN :9789493299788
Uitgever :U2PI BV
Publicatiedatum :  24-07-2023
Formaat :Paperback / softback
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Aantal bladzijden :135
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